Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Scenes I Love: Goodfellas "Then He Kissed Me"

One of the devices used in movies that I respond to most is the appropriate use of music, especially when it is used to evoke a period. It is so easy for this to misfire (if I hear My Girl one more time in a movie, I think I'll puke) so when you see the real deal it stands out.
Scorsese brilliantly uses music; he picks songs that encapsulate the time (in his case, usually the '50s and '60s) wihtout it being overly obvious. Case in point is his 1991 stoke of genius Goodfellas. While not my kind of flick on paper, the wall-to-wall music and brilliant script/direction make it a favourite.
The clip below is a justifiably famous tracking shot set the 1963 Crystals' hit "Then He Kissed Me". The camera moves so fluidly and the action executed with such precision it feels as if we've walked into a real restuarant, not a movie set. So, here is one of the most perfect marriages of picture and sound ever committed to film...